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David Carter, PGM, 33°
Personal Representative/Registrar
Valley of Louisville, AASR
Email: davidcarterpgm@bellsouth.net

A new challenging Masonic year is upon us. The new Officers had been installed in you Valley by the time you received this Voice. The officers are working to serve the needs of your members while maintaining the quality organization we are accustomed to seeing. The Sovereign Grand Inspector General, Ill Brother Roger Barnett, 33, PGM. has a new video, which is available in the office. Please ask for a copy to use in your effort to recruiting new members in your Blue lodge and Scottish Rite. As always recruiting new members for our lodges and Valleys is an important challenge.
We have long held that Freemasonry is not build on secret words. handshakes, or rituals behind closed doors. They and many others espouse that the true cornerstones of Freemasonry are the close ties of friendship and brotherly love that cement us not only to each other, but also to our lodge and Freemasonry itself.

There are many ways in recruiting new members without asking them. One is for you to leave a deep and lasting impression on them. Start by being a good man, one that others would be proud to call friend. Let the working tools help you. Be a man of character (Plumb), treat everyone justly (Square), and control your behavior (Compasses). We are all keepers of Freemasonry, and such, we have a duty to help freemasonry to thrive for those yet to come.

The Valley of Louisville have an exciting year planned for 2014 for it members. February wilt be a busy month. Valentine family dinner on the 13'. Blue Lodge Masonic Educational Cent on the 22', George Washington night with the Grand Master. The third section of the Master Mason degree will be put on by Pewee Valley Lodge # 829 that night with dinner. March there will be a Fellowship lunch on the 81 with a guest speaker, the lead program will be putting on the 25" degree on the 131, Maundy Thursday will be the 27' and Covington will have a one day reunion in Ashland on the 29'n April will also be very busy, the 51' will be the Blue Lodge district meeting, 12 & 26" will be Madisonville two day reunion, the Valley of Louisville will have a one day reunion on the 19' and on the 24" there will be a family dinner honoring our Widows. The Valley of Louisville meets on the 2na & 4m Thursday of each month. I look forward to seeing more and more brothers take advantage of the opportunities for fellowship and enjoyment that you're Valley have to offer. Make it a point to join with your brother to attend at least one of the activities, come and have fellowship with your brothers.

By the time you get this Voice your 2014 dues notices has been mailed. This is just a gentle reminder that your dues to the Scottish Rite must be pre-paid, just as in your Blue Lodge. Dues for 2014 are due on or before January 1, 2014.

If any brother has questions or problems regarding your dues to the Scottish Rite, Please contact the Valley Secretary and find out your options that may be available to you for taking care of your late dues. We don't want to lose any member in the Louisville Valley due to suspensions. We know you are proud to be a part of the heritage of the Scottish Rite and the Louisville Temple. Please call 502-584-6185 if you are having problems which prevent you from paying your 2012 assessment.

Members now have an online option for paying their membership dues and making charitable contributions. You may access this service at http://www.scottishrite.org under the heading Member Programs or by clicking the "Pay Your Dues Online" link on the home page.

All payments are secured through Authorize net and managed by the Supreme Council's Office of Finance. Each time you use the online payment system, an E-Mail of the activity is send to the Valley's "official" email address, and the payment is automatically applied to the account in the Sentinel system.

The Supreme Council has also a procedure on their Web page that allows each member to update their own record. The process is straightforward and very easy to complete. Go to http://www.scottishrite.org. When the web page comes up select 'Member Programs'. From the popup menu scroll down and select "Update Your Member Information". Required items are marked with a red asterisk. Select the Valley name by clicking on the button just to the right of the menu area. Update the items that need be updated. The office will receive an e-mail when the update action is complete. Check it out and see that all the information is correct. If not, please update. Its easy, fast and instantaneous. 

God bless, 
David Carter, 33° PGM
Personal Representative/Registrar
Louisville Scottish Rite

Valley of Louisville presents Americanism Medal for Scholastic Excellence

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JROTC Cadet Zachary Arny receives the Americanism Medal for Scholastic Excellence, at the Senior Awards presentation held May 21, 2014, at Martha Layne Collins High School, in Shelbyville, KY. The award was presented on behalf of the Louisville Scottish Rite, by Bro. Keith Murphy, PM, 32°.

Roy L. Monfort 33° Fall Reunion
Valley of Louisville - 09/28/2013
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The Albert Pike Scottish Rite Club
presents check to the Louisville Foundation
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Pictured left to right: Ill. Carl Metz 33°, Ill. Bill Meyer 33°, Roger Barnett 33°, PGM and SGIG in KY and David Carter 33°, PGM, Personal Rep, Secretary/Registrar, Valley of Louisville


The Louisville Scottish Rite was well represented at the Kosair Charities East Campus Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held on July 26, 2013

Valley of Louisville, AASR - Officers for 2013

John Perry 32⁰ KCCH – Venerable Master – Lodge of Perfection

Ill William Meyer 33⁰ – Wise Master – Chapter Rose Croix

John Matthew Anderson 32⁰ KCCH  – Commander – Council

Ill John Payne 33⁰ - Master of Kadosh – Consistory

William Harvey, 32° - Knight Commander – Knights of St. Andrew

NOTICE: We would like to re-institute the Old Scottish Rite MM Degree Team. If you are interested in playing a role in the MM Degree, please contact the Temple at (502) 584-6185 or (502) 584-6682 and let us know what particular part you would want to play.

The Knights of St. Andrew

The Knights of St. Andrew is an elite unit of select Scottish Rite Masons. To be an active member you must be a 32° Scottish Rite Mason. Scottish Rite Masons who have been honored as 32° KCCH and 33° are welcome to join, but only as an associate or emeritus member.

Our Mission

The Knights of St. Andrew exist as a service organization on behalf of all members of their Consistory. They are under the immediate supervision of the Secretary/Registrar of their Scottish Rite Consistory and provide services where they are needed. This includes, but not limited to, aiding the Tyler, acting as greeters, providing escort services for dignitaries or for special events created for the ladies, during reunions or other functions, serving as guides, assisting the Scottish degree work, helping present the Colors. Knights of St. Andrew also assist in the calling committees, participate in parades or civic activities, promote fund-raising events, and aid in any special event. The list can continue on as new ideas and concepts are developed to meet needs and goals.

Their flexibility and enthusiasm make the Knights of St. Andrew one of the Valley’s most active and desirable organizations. It is an excellent way to nurture and develop future leaders as they learn their organizational and leadership skills, explore the inner structures of their Scottish Rite Centers, and thus gain a deeper admiration for our Order and Brethren who work in Freemasonry as a whole.

The Knights of St. Andrew are identified by their flamboyant uniform and regalia; often entering special events accompanied by bagpipes and drums, becoming the elite unit of all Scottish Rite Masons.