2013 Valley of Covington Ambassadors

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Kneeling:  Justin Terwilliger, Randy Roberts, Chad Gehring, Jim Gazay, Ryan Engle 1st row:  Roger Barnett, James Ward, Lonnie Osborne, Wayne Adkins, Fred Runyon, Johnny Yates 2nd row:  Jeff Bryant, Ron Allari, Bill Lorenz, Burlis Dean, Ray Murphy, Rob Channell, Charles Thompson, James Reynolds, John King

Roger Barnett PGM 33º, S.G.I.G. in Kentucky was present to install the Ambassadors of Covington Valley at their September 2013 meeting following a delicious dinner and the Feast of Tishri ceremonies.  Special presentations were made to Brother Lonnie Osborne-Ambassador of the Year, and to Brother Ray Murphy-District Ambassador of the Year. The Ambassadors act as liaisons between the Scottish Rite office and the Scottish Rite brethren in various lodges, helping to assist those brothers as needed. They also present programs in the various lodges, and announce special meetings of the Lodges at the Scottish Rite to increase attendance at lodge functions.

The 80 Ambassadors representing Covington Scottish Rite are headed by nine District Ambassadors and three Ambassadors at Large; viz: Gary Bickers #17, Ray Murphy #18, Burlis Dean #19, Johnny Yates #21, James Roy #22, Jim Gazay #23, Charlie Thompson #27, Fred ‘Mano’ Runyon #28, and Bob Pigman #29. The Ambassadors at Large include: James Hayes, Eric Creech, and Ron Musser. Chief Ambassador is Denny Lovell.

The Orient of Kentucky, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, is recognized at The Supreme Council, 33°, S.J. USA 2013 Biennial Session held in Washington, DC - August 26, 2013
During the Opening Ceremonies of The Supreme Council, 33°, S.J. USA 2013 Biennial Session held on Monday, August 26, 2013Illustrious Roger D. Barnett, 33°, S.G.I.G. in Kentucky, presents a one million dollar donation for "The Rebuilding the Temple Campaign" on behalf of the Orient of Kentucky, to the Director of Development, Illustrious Matthew T. Szramoski, 33°. Illustrious John E. Moyers, 33°, S.G.I.G. Emeritus in Kentucky, along with his wife, Pauline Moyers look on during the presentation ceremony.

Illustrious Roger D. Barnett, 33°, S.G.I.G. in Kentucky, was on hand as Illustrious John E. Moyers, 33°, S.G.I.G. Emeritus in Kentucky, along with his wife, Pauline Moyers, were presented with a 'Pillar of Charity' award and also a plaque that affirms that the Grand Executive Directors Suite at the Scottish Rite Temple in Washington DC, has been renamed in his honor (see below) during the Opening Ceremonies of The Supreme Council, 33°, S.J. USA 2013 Biennial Session held on Monday, August 26, 2013.



At the Bi-Annual Session of the Supreme Council A.A.S.R.,

the following were voted to receive the following honors:

33° Inspector General Honorees

Valley of Covington Valley of Lexington Valley of Louisville Valley of Madisonville
Harry Eugene Hammons

James Dewey Reeder

Charles David Thompson

George William Tither, PGM

Donald Gene Brake

Richard Frank Durso

Donald Gene Lewis

Charles Otto Distler

Doyle Edward Jones

Harold Allen Noe

Kevin Reardon

Stanley Elam Scharre

James Warren Stephens

John Cecil Cassady

Ricky Steven Sheppard

Knight Commander Court of Honor

Valley of Covington Valley of Lexington Valley of Louisville Valley of Madisonville
Ronald Lee Allari

Luke Bentley, Jr.

Chad Albert Fitzpatrick

Jimmie Gazay

Jasper Jordon, Jr.

Jeffery Jay Moermond

James Wendell Reynolds

James Patrick Rose

Kevin Gene Sell

Robert Howard Smith

James William Ward

Carl Sanders Wellman

Johnny Alvin Carpenter

Ronnie Gay

Richard Thomas Nation

Stanley Ray Oliver

Gabriel Justin Popa

Charles Edmond Smith

Wendall Lee Trent

Michael Edward Berry

James Larry Bullis

Eric Ryan Churchill

Gregory Wayne Coffey

Edward Eugene Crady

Ronald Alonzo Hendricks

Carl Hoskins

Ralph Clinton Lawson

Stephen Thomas Lay

Luke Martin

Thomas E. Nichols

Robert Eugene Schildknecht

Billy Michael Taylor

Edward Frank Wheeler

Estil Wilkerson

Sam Swope

Jerry Donald Beck

Robert Michael Bradley

Raymond Earl Cotton

Daniel Clint Durham

Jimmy Houston Luker

Phillip Clark Robinson

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Harlan County Scottish Rite Club representative Jerry Hatmaker (right) presents a check for $2000.00 to SGIG Roger Barnett as part of the club's support of the Rite care Program.

Kevin P. Sims, 2013 Scottish Rite Paul R. Kach DeMolay Essay Grand Prize Winner


Pictured L-R: Candice Sims, Donnie Sims, Kevin Sims, and Roger Barnett 33° PGM, SGIG in KY.

At the annual Kentucky DeMolay Conclave banquet, held on Saturday July 13th, 2013, Kevin P. Sims was recognized on behalf of the Supreme Council 33 Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, USA, as the National Grand Prize winner in the Tenth Grade and Below Group of the 2013 Scottish Rite Paul R. Kach DeMolay Essay Contest.

A check was presented to Kevin Sims by Roger Barnett 33° PGM SGIG in KY on behalf of Illustrious Ronald A. Seale, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, 33°, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, USA.

Mr. Sims Essay, “Character Based Leadership”, was particularly noteworthy and reflected careful thought and preparation.

All of us in Kentucky are very proud of Mr. Sims efforts in preparing his essay. Mr. Sims was also recognized as a regional winner in Region Four.

Mr. Kevin Sims was also awarded “DeMolay of the Year”, by the Kentucky DeMolay at the end of the Annual Banquet on July 13th 2013.

It was quite a night for Mr. Kevin Sims and a very promising future for Kevin and Kentucky DeMolay.


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Valley of Lexington Illustrious Ronald Hellard 33⁰ Spring Reunion

Members of the Valley of Lexington Illustrious Ronald Hellard 33 Spring Reunion, 
Held on May 18, 2013, pose for a group photo.

Front Row L-R: Hugh Turner 32 KCCH, Class Conductor; Jim Butler 33 Secretary/Registrar; Roger Barnett 33⁰ Soverign Grand Inspector General - Orient of Kentucky; Carl Gibson 33 Personal Representative and William H. Martin 33, Assistant Class Director. 

Second Row L-R: Townsel Adams, Donald Gillum, Benjamin Smith and Leonard Kirschbaum. 

Third Row L-R: Gary Fleming, 32 KCCH; Robert Sroufe and Stephen Matthew Wright. 

Fourth Row L-R: Rufus Stewart, Justin Stewart and Don Sullivan. 

Fifth Row L-R: Robert Martin. 

Sixth Row L-R: Tracy Napier, Randall Barnes, Brett Brocksmith, Joseph Brown, Jr. and Joseph Brown II.
(Photo by Donnie Brake, 32 KCCH)

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Valley of Louisville Ill Nathan Frankel 33⁰ Spring Reunion

Members of the Valley of Louisville Illustrious Nathan Frankel 33 Spring Reunion, 
Held on April 13, 2013, pose for a group photo.

Front Row L-R: Ill Carl Metz 33⁰ Class Director, Ill Mel Mullins 33⁰, Harold Lee 32⁰ KCCK, Ill G Michael Miller 33⁰, Ill Royland Stayton 33⁰ Grand Cross, Ill John Moyers 33⁰ Past S.G.I.G., Ill David Carter 33⁰, Noel Cissell 33⁰, David Stewart 32⁰ KCCH, Ill David White 33⁰ Assistant,Class Director, Ill Romuel Toon 33⁰.

Second Row L-R: John Cissell 32⁰, Eugene Presnell 32⁰, Timothy Jantzen 32⁰, Elwood Beegle 32⁰, Donald Hamilton 32⁰, Joseph Hamilton 32⁰, John Kessel 32⁰, Darrick Proffitt 32⁰, William Spear 32⁰, Mark Galloway 32⁰.

Third Row L-R: Daniel Drummin 32⁰, Raymond Simpson 32⁰, William Poe 32⁰, David Darnell 32⁰, Robert Wolford 32⁰, Charles Campbell 32⁰, Robert Hart 32⁰, Tom Winters 32⁰.

Fourth Row L-R: Michael Wright 32⁰, Ronnie Waiz 32⁰, Thomas Sanders Jr. 32⁰, Garrett Peevey 32⁰, Vincent Bennett 32⁰.

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Valley of Covington Ill. Richard L. Patrick 33 Spring Reunion

Members of the Valley of Covington Illustrious Nathan Frankel 33 Spring Reunion
Held on March 16, 2013, pose for a group photo

Front Row: (L-R) Matt Epperhart, Allen Zabrieszack, Mitchell May, David Razor, S.G.I.G. Roger Barnett, PGM, 33°, Personal Representative Jeff Bryant 33°, Nathan Stewart, Jim Ward, Andy Bond and Bill Preston 

Back Row: (L-R) Bill Tooley 33°, Wes Napier, Bob Meenach, Bill Salyers, Kara´ Estep, Gerald Crain, Jim Story, Nick Rayburn III, Bruce Stevens, Otto Hyden Jr. and Secretary/Registrar Keith Dreier, PGM, 33°.


The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is vibrant across our great Commonwealth of Kentucky! Our membership is active in many volunteer opportunities within the Fraternity as well as throughout our various communities. The Rite Connection is a new initiative to encourage members to offer their time and talent. Through various means of communication, we will work in all four Valleys to promote how members can be involved. 

Some of the areas within the fraternity are:

  • Stage Crew
  • Ritual Team
  • Greeters
  • Phone Committee
  • Kitchen Crew
  • Guard
  • Robing Room
  • Choir 
  • Knights of St. Andrew

Within the community, we are committed to: 

  • Children who need help with speech and language therapy.
  • Offering aid to organizations who feed the less fortunate.
  • Making Christmas brighter for children who might otherwise go without.

Take a look around your respective Valleys and see how you can make a difference in your community. This is our calling as Masons!

Louisville Valley: 502-584-6185

Covington Valley: 859-431-0021

West Kentucky Valley: 270-821-5260

Lexington Valley: 859-277-7856